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Fetchnotes is an easy way to keep track of anything and collaborate instantly

What is Fetchnotes?

A quick look at how things work.

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    Organize as you type

    Group notes together with hashtags. Simply put a pound sign ( # ) in front of any word to add a note to that category.


    Access anywhere

    Fetchnotes is accessible on the webiPhone, or Android, but you can also add notes via text, email, or our Chrome Extension. All your notes, everywhere you are.


    Share with anyone

    Just tap the at sign ( @ ) and type a name in your address book, a username, an email or a phone number to share. The people you share with don't even need the app.


    Find anything, fast

    Filter your feed to certain hashtags, people or just a string of text. It's a more intelligent way to search.

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    Collaborate instantly

    Receive a notification whenever someone shares or edits a note with you. You're always in sync.


    Tools to get things done

    Archive your notes when you're done with them. Or, see recommendations about the next step. We're building the tools to make your notes better, every day.

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People Love Fetchnotes.

We make your day simpler, every day.


    The best thing about Fetchnotes is I spend so little time using it and more time doing what I want.

    Nick Reynolds


    It's super simple and flexible. It adapts to me. Sometimes I have an affair and try other note-taking apps. I always come back to my true love, Fetchnotes.

    Bob Mason


    It's actually hard to think of things I don't use Fetchnotes to keep track of.

    Julia Winn


    I went a week without Fetchnotes. It was the worst week of my life. I couldn't get into buildings, find people's contact information and it was very frustrating.

    Dan Friedman

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Fetchnotes 3.

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