Co-founder Karaoke + New Apps!
Co-founder Karaoke

We’ve been hard at work at Fetchnotes HQ. We just released a brand new web app and an enhanced desktop widget. Here’s what you can expect:

-Better experience, more intuitive interface
-Major speed improvements
-Replacement of the dreaded shift+enter with auto-saving on the web app
-Ability to edit notes from the desktop widget (finally!)
-Auto-updates for the widget (for Ubuntu users, this is coming soon to the Software Center)
-Ability to open websites and email addresses from the app

Be sure to download the latest widget and log into the latest web app here. Note: If you’re among the 2% of our users that are on Internet Explorer, you’ll still see the old web app. We’re sorry, and we’re working on it.

Now, on to the ridiculous subject line! We have two absolutely ludicrous requests.

First, we want you to help us with some key strategic decisions we have to make about user acquisition, monetization and other big meaty questions. We figured, “hey, our users chose Fetchnotes, so they must be smart. Why not just ask them?” Call it crowd-sourced strategy. Weigh in by clicking here.

We’ve wanted to keep Fetchnotes free for now, so we haven’t charged a dime to anyone yet (except someone who downloaded it and gave Alex $1 at a bar…whoever you are, call me maybe?). But, we’ve got servers to pay for and engineers to feed, so we hacked together a page using Gumroad that allows you to help fund our efforts before we get real investment. In return for anything over $1, we will send you a video of us singing karaoke. Dead serious. Invest in your future entertainment and vote for the song here.

As always, can we help with something you’re working on? Do we know someone you want to get connected with (use Hachi to find out)? Just want to talk about ideas for Fetchnotes? Shoot us an email at [email protected]

Alex and Chase

P.S. A special shout out to Matt Brandly, Evan Hahn, and Mike Marsh, the ninja/pirate/rockstar/cyborg engineers behind the new web app and desktop widget.

P.S.S. Have you seen our AngelList profile? Get in touch if you’re interested!

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