Use Fetchnotes To Get 25GB of Cloud Storage

We know that if you’re going to trust us with your private thoughts, we need to make your data portable. That’s why we rolled out the ability to back up your notes in three formats: .txt, .csv and JSON. Just head straight to settings and you’ll see all 3 options at the bottom.

In addition to downloading them to your computer, we’re particularly excited that you can now backup your notes to Box. Not only does that mean you can keep your notes in the cloud with the same level of security enjoyed by companies like Proctor & Gamble and MTV, but *we’ve partnered with Box to offer 25GB + Box Sync* to anyone that signs up! Just follow these simple steps:


1) Sign up on Fetchnotes and claim your username

2) Upper-right, click your Username, and then Settings

3) Click on Sign Up Now (in orange) and sign up to Box

4) Once you verify the account through your email, go back to Settings in Fetchnotes and click Connect to Box

5) Once you sign in to Box, you are now connected! “Connect to Box” will now be “Upload to Box”!

*It does have to be a new box account, so existing accounts won’t be updated. So as long as you have another email address, enjoy your 25GB!*


But because Box is a freaking fantastic company to work with, that’s not the end of it. Not only do you get 25GB of free storage, when you sign up for their service via Fetchnotes *you can give out free 25GB accounts (with Box Sync) to your friends, family and co-workers too.* A couple days after you sign up, Box will send you an email that will prompt you to give out 25GB to other people. If your friends are as geeky as we are, then you’ll effectively become the cloud storage Godfather of your group, dishing out gigabytes like you’re Al Capone. Here are some suggested ways to dish out accounts:

-Gain the favor of your new boss

-Impress a girl or guy you like (who wouldn’t respond to a pick up line about gigabytes?!)

-Barter accounts to pay off gambling debts

-Run for office and promise them to citizens who vote for you

Disclaimer: Neither Fetchnotes, Inc. nor Box, Inc. endorse the use of 25GB Box accounts for bribery. But if you do it, let us know and we’ll post the story on our blog because that’s freaking hilarious. Or if you can think of a great pickup line about gigabytes, send it our way — we’ll probably post that too! 

*Attach Files to Notes*

You may have also noticed a small “attach” button in the lower-right corner of each note on the web app (mobile coming soon). When you hit the button, a box comes up that allows you to attach a file from almost *any* service. 


Whether your files live on your computer, in Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook or any other service, you can attach them directly to your notes. Here’s an example of how Chase and I used it recently: 

filepicker example

Taking my leave of absence papers to the University of Michigan was on my to do list, and I attached the appropriate files to the note so when I was ready to act on it they were right there. I needed Chase’s papers too, so I just added him to the note by adding “@chase” and he was able to add his to the note as well. There are currently NO limits on the size or types of files you can upload, so you can even use it as its own Twitter-style cloud storage product! 

To make this happen, we used a company called They just graduated YCombinator and are killing it — we highly recommend their product to any developers looking to integrate product-agnostic file storage into their applications. 

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